Submission Guidelines

Paper Submit

Award Papers:

  • Balint award
  • Dr G. C Boral Award
  • Dr. N N De Oration Award
  • Dr. V K Varma Award
  • Dr. Venkoba Rao Oration Award
  • Dr. B B Sethi Award
  • Dr. J K Trivedi Award
  • Dr. Anil Malhotra Award
For detail guidelines of the award papers kindly visit

Nominations for the awards must reach the following address latest by 31st August, 2017:

Dr. Savita Malhotra
NO: 425, sector 37A, Chandigarh; 160036;
at the Email:

For “Dr N N De Oration Award” and “Dr Venkoba Rao Oration Award” kindly send 6(six) copies of biodata of the nominee.

For the other Awards send 5(five) copies of the full paper to the above address.